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Legend JUNON (2014) | credit
That's my wish. Be like one.



佐藤健×Taka(ONE OK ROCK)が2ショットでCUT表紙!

I don’t know if someone has already translated it, but here’s my translation :)


Sato Takeru×Taka (ONE OK ROCK) appears on the cover of CUT magazine!


It’s these two guys who will appear on the cover of CUT magazine to be released on August 18th!

They talked a lot about forbidden ‘Boys’ Talk’, telling you their real feelings frankly and earnestly, which you could expect only from the closest friends.

Of course, they talked enthusiastically without ceasing about ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ movie series starred by Sato Takeru, whose title tune is created by ONE OK ROCK.




| 17.07.2014.|


Amazing cast today ~

I’ll be your first fan.